Unparalleled Experiences
With 27 years of experiences, we have the advantages that others may not have. We understand you, whether as a local or global. Contact us and share your problem with us and we will give you the best support. Or visit our knowledge base directory to see how we can help you.

Various Contacts
As the world is changing rapidly and globally, we have contacts from other regions; A Maurizio Gardenal, Advocate of Gardenal Milan, Italy and James A. Gede, Jr., Hogan & Hartson L.L.P.,Washington, United States. This will ensure that we know how to handle cases by regions.

Apart from that, we also have good relationship with ASEAN Accounting Firms (ASNAF) and KNJ Corporate Service Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). Our clients have benefited from both of this company as it provide all the necessities in running a business.

Updated With Latest Research
To keep abreast with the latest research, we have linked up with Academician from Universiti of Malaya (Malaysia), International Islamic University of Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

If you need further consultation, CONTACT US TODAY. You may email to us at kico@kamiliaibrahim.com or call us at +603 4051 2175 or fill in our inquiry form.